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Mammut Service Bulletin for re-equipment / Snowpulse avalanche airbags

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Mammut asks owners of a Mammut / Snowpulse avalanche airbag to preventively re-equip the release units of the backpacks. The recommendation for re-equipment with a special plastic clip refers to the connection between the release mechanism and the Venturi valve. This affects the avalanche airbags from the production years winter 2011/2012 up to and including winter 2013/2014.

Last spring, Mammut called for a visual inspection of the release unit of the Mammut / Snowpulse avalanche airbags. Intense subsequent inspections showed at the time that the screwed connection between the release unit and the Venturi nozzle may come loose in very rare cases at very intense use of the airbag. Mammut now eliminates the residual risk remaining after individual inspection with a special re-equipment part: A specially developed Venturi clip prevents coming loose of the respective connection entirely. This subsequently removes this possible error source and can no longer cause loss of function when using the airbag. Re-equipment of the Venturi clip can be performed quickly and easily by any customer. The required clip with installation instructions can be requested free of charge via an order form at www.mammut.ch/venturi-clip.

Which models are affected?

All Mammut / Snowpulse airbag systems of the production seasons winter 2011/2012 to winter 2013/2014, including, are affected.

 Removable Airbag System RAS

 Protection Airbag System

 Snowpulse Lifebag System

These airbag systems, can be installed both in backpacks of Mammut, Snowpulse, Highmark by Snowpulse and Scott as well as Ferrino, Oakley and Jones Snowboarding.

Airbag owners who had their backpack inspected in a service centre recently are also asked to attach the Venturi clip.

Which models are NOT affected?

Items from the production season winter 2014/2015 and old models up to and including winter 2010/2011 are NOT affected for constructional reasons and do NOT need to be re-equipped.



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