Bodin Nordisk mästare!

Daniel Bodin wins first ever FSX Nordic Championship in Ylläs Mayhem, Finland

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@Ylläs Mayhem offered an a perfect set up on Saturday 29.4.2017 when the first ever FSX Nordic Championship took place in Ylläs Finland. All the best FSX riders of the Scandinavia challenged each others to compete this unique event. Swedish riders took triple win, while Daniel Bodin wan the championship before Rasmus Johansson and Tobias Hellström. Jyri Keskiaho was the best finnish rider behind Hellström on fourth place.

Sunny weather and full crowd made sure that all riders gave their best already at the training session. All riders made two rounds. In each round every rider made eight tricks. After the first round, Bodin took a strong lead in points, even was about to miss the last jump since thinking that already made eight jumps . Bodin was guided to the last jump and he hit one more backflip combo. In the final results Bodin left Rasmus Johansson 23 points behind while Tobias Hellström took the pronze medal with 24 points behind Johansson.

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FSX Nordic Champion Results @Ylläs Mayhem :

  1. Daniel Bodin 361
  2. Rasmus Johansson 338
  3. Tobias Hellström 314
  4. Jyri Keskiaho 285
  5. Juha-Pekka Poutiainen 226
  6. Rikumatti Jurmu 179




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