Polaris 850!

Polaris 850 Patriot Engine


Då har Polaris släppt 2019 och den stora grejen är den nya motorn. Man har börjat med ett så gott som blank papper på denna motor som man utvecklat under ett antal år. Enligt motorteknikern bakom motorn ska den ha mer effekt än Rotax motsvarighet med en ökning på 9% jämfört med 800:an.

The Polaris Liberty® engine lineup is expanding with the introduction of the all-new Polaris 850 Patriot Engine, a powerful new member of the Liberty family that includes the 600 Cleanfire® and 800 H.O. Cleanfire® Engines.
With the knowledge gained from 25 years of legendary Liberty engine manufacturing, the Polaris Powertrain Team started with a clean sheet and a focus on durability as they developed the all-new Polaris 850 Patriot Engine – the most powerful Polaris snowmobile engine ever. Proven through extensive and demanding testing, this engine is incredibly durable and reliable – and it is backed by a standard four-year warranty. The new liquid-cooled 850 twin delivers class-leading Durability, Acceleration, Response, and Power.


• All-new, "clean-sheet" design builds on 25 years of Polaris Liberty engine heritage

• Unmatched durability proven through advanced design and analysis techniques, extensive lab and dyno testing, and on-snow testing

• Guaranteed quality: standard four-year warranty


• In trail sleds: unrivaled acceleration

• In deep snow sleds: instantaneous lift


• Low inertia and quickest revving

• Light and flickable feel in all riding conditions

• Polaris 850 Patriot has 13 percent less rotating inertia than the nearest class competitor

Class-Leading Power

• Nine percent gain in horsepower vs. the powerful and already proven Polaris 800 H.O. engine

• Industry-leading power-to-weight ratio with a nine percent advantage over the closest competitive trail sled

• Unmatched throttle response




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