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Freestyle dumpat!

Snowmobile Freestyle, som varit en del av X Games sedan 2007, är inte längre med i programmet. Snowmobile HillCross som senast var med 2004 är åter tillbaks. Likaså Snowmobile Long Jump, SnoCross och SnoCross Adaptive.

“Throughout our history with X Games, year in and year out we just take a look at what sports we’re doing, and we make changes all the time,” said Tim Reed, senior director of X Games content strategy. “It’s part of that process of continuing to evolve the event and do different things.”

“We all suffered a huge loss with Caleb’s death two years ago at Winter X Games,” Colten Moore said. “Last year, I returned to take the gold for my brother. This year, I support ESPN’s decision to postpone the actual freestyle comp to bring a fresh new version of Speed & Style to the games. Speed & Style at Summer X was a success, and they are hoping to achieve the same with snowmobiles this winter. The only thing on my mind is to train hard this year so I can take home another gold for Caleb.”

“It was my impression from talking to the guys at ESPN that we’d be back,” Frisby said. “They’re trying some different things; I don’t necessarily agree with it. Freestyle’s my favorite sport that I compete in, so all you can do as an athlete is just sit and wait and hope for the best and hope that you can be back in there.”

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