Tucker berättar om guldracet

Tucker Hibbert – #68 Monster Energy/Arctic Cat

“The first corner of the main event got intense. I drove in pretty hard, slid sideways and got hooked with Ross (Martin). I thought for a second I was going to get spun around backwards but then realized it was okay. I knew I was second or third out of the first turn so I played it safe in the second corner because I knew there were a lot of guys around and behind me. Once I got around Ross, I kept pushing as hard as a could for a few laps to open a gap. Fortunately, I opened that gap pretty quick then just focused on going fast and not making any mistakes. By the last lap, I figured I was in a safe position so I started fist pumping a little early.

The track was awesome. It was super technical and got really rough, which is not normal for X Games. That mixed with the long lap times made it really fun. We don’t always get those big jumps and rhythm sections at a national event so it makes X different and special.

At first, I was just excited about the win and was thinking about how hard we (the team) worked to get ready. I was relieved a little bit. I didn’t think about the six-peat until people started asking and talking about it. It’s a cool feeling getting the six-peat. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet bit I know it’s an honor to hold this record and it’s really cool to see Shaun White (Snowboard Superpipe) follow with his six-peat.

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