Nya catten!

• SX 136-in. track length

– Tested on MOD sleds previous season

– More consistent hole shots, improved straight-line stability through the

moguls and up the face of the obstacles

– Better all-around traction in both acceleration and braking

• New 136-in. rear suspension

– New rail profi le picks up the bump quicker to reduce chassis bottoming

– 6 in. more fl at of rail on ground when comparing length change from

129 to 136 and reducing radius of the rail

• New FOX 2.0 ZERO C front track shock with position sensing grooved body

– New spring designs to support the 2 in. body (optional rates available)

• New engine package

– Improved low- and mid-range throttle response by over 20%

– Increased low- and mid-range horsepower and torque by over 15%

– Revised cylinder and exhaust valve confi guration

– V-Force reeds

– Revised mapping

– Improved hot start function

• New TS-273 TEAM driven and tubular driven shaft

– Based off TSS-04 with new post design for hollow driven shaft

– Lengthened shaft spline engagement improves clutch to shaft support

giving better clutch and belt alignment

– 29-mm OD shaft (was 25 mm) increasing stiffness by over 7%

– 2.4-lb. weight reduction with less rotating mass

• New upper chassis support structure

– Increased stiffness and reduced weight approx. 1 lb.

– Tested on 2017 MOD packages

– More ergo clearance for leg and knees

• New toe stops and stirrups

– Improved toe hooking capability and added traction to stirrups

• New 3-gallon fuel tank

– Reduced weight and improved rider ergos

– Reduced fuel slosh

– New fuel pump location

– Fuel fi ll cap located under r/h side panel to reduce rider interference

• New seat

– Reduced weight and improved rider ergos

– Lower center of gravity and more mass centralized

• Next gen side panels

– Improved ergos and easier installation

– Better seal for keeping snow and debris out of engine compartment

• New upper hood

– New geometry to help defl ect roost

– Utilizing the ZR 200 headlight and windshield giving signifi cant weight


• New console and side panel

-Side panel pulled forward for improved ergos

• New front nose intake

– New airbox design eliminates internal baffl es and foam reducing water


– Intake screens located above upper A-arms on underside of nose cone

out of main roost area

• Revised ARS front suspension

– Lightweight upper A-arms with increased caster and adjustable camber

– New spindle design with 1.5 in. increased distance from ski to lower

A-arm for improved ground clearance

– Revised front suspension geometry with new role center, bump steer

and camber, giving a more confi dent feel

• Revised electrical component placement for better access

• New rear tunnel with exposed cooler for improved hot shot cooling


• New 2 piece clutch guard allows easy access to clutches while

maintaining protection

• Added exhaust deflector for cap off resistance

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