2018 POLARIS 600R

Nya racemaskinen!

The new 2018 Polaris 600R Race Sled continues to push and evolve technology to deliver a title and race-winning snowmobile.

Front Suspension

• NEW! Walker Evans Velocity Front Suspension Shocks & Springs

o Polaris leads the industry with this premium, high performance shock.

o The position sensitive-shock allows for a softer initial setting but still has stiffness at bottom for big hits.

• NEW! Upper Front Control Arm design to accommodate new shock reservoir position and for added protection to the shock.

• NEW! Taller Spindles improve cornering and add ground clearance (0.5-in. taller).


• NEW! Clutch features straight-cut sheave angle for improved holeshot performance due to better belt grip.


• NEW! Floating Stainless Steel Brake Rotor and NEW Brake Pads

o Improved stopping power, performance and durability.

o The lighter-weight rotor is floating to prevent warping.

Running Boards

• Feature new stock cutouts for easy snow evacuation and added traction cleats for additional rider traction.


• NEW! Seat cover material for improved durability that maintains grip.

Rear Suspension Shocks

• Calibration and styling updates.

FrogzSkin on Upper Hood Vents

• Added intake foam seal and included FrogzSkin over upper-hood vents to prevent snow ingestion.

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